[january] movies vs books

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Start with this post, I want to make a list for movies I’ve been watch and books I’ve been read every month on this year. And the end of year I want to calculate the total amout of these for this year.

Start from January, I’ve been watch these movies : White Collar ep 10 & 11, Love and Other Drugs, Junior Master Chef Austalia ep 01.

Then for the books, I’ve been read The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay (fast read) from Suzanne Collins, Ranah 3 Warna (2nd book of trilogi) from A. Fuadi.

This means on this month I’ve been watch 3 TV Series, 1 Movie, and read 4 books. :D

How many movies you’ve been watch on January? How many books you’ve been read on January?


Elly Kusnadi said...

serial ga boleh diitung dunk mba din.. padanannya serial.. brarti komik :D

kan pilem pendek.. :D
hayooo :D

dindun said...

serialnya kan banyak ly... *ngotot :p

Anonymous said...

banyak juga yakkk.... klo gue januari februari ini demen liat the amazing race dari season 1 sampek 17 hahaha

dindun said...

wakakakakak..... itu nonton apa donlot?
*jangan2 episode 1-17 :p