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Thailand : the cheapest way of sunflower fields sight seeing in Lopburi

Thursday, February 2, 2017

In 17 days of my wandering around south east asia country, I decide to visit sunflower fields at Lopburi, Thailand. The flower blooming season is around November - January for 2016. I went to Thailand after visiting Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam by airplane, the cost around $40-50 depend on your luck (Air Asia, NOK air or Vietjet).

I'm using vietjet to get to Thailand. This plane will be landing on Suvarnabhumi International airport. I bought sim card TrueMove for 3 days stay, which cost 200baht. There are several choice for day stay from 3, 7, 10, 15, 30 days. I decide to stay 1 night in Bangkok near the Hua Lamphong Station so I can catch early morning train to Lopburi. From Suvarnabhumi, ride Airport Rail Link to Makassan, it cost around 35baht, then from Makassan change to MRT for Hua Lamphong Station, it cost 25baht. I stayed at bangkok story hostel, its located 600m near the Hua Lamphong. The hostel is nice, there is female dorm also provide laundry service about 100baht.

In the next morning, I choose to ride the train that depart at 04.20 am. Well, only for morning person who can catch up with this train... hahaha.. even, I push my self very hard to wake up at 3 in the morning >.<
The train only cost around 28baht, if you ride the train that depart at 7.00am it cost 50baht. I arrived at Lopburi station at 7.00am, then find 7/11 near there to buy breakfast. I stay 1 night in Lopburi because I don't want to ride train again in the evening. I stay at Noom Guesthouse, it has the same price with bangkok story but in Noom I got private room. *don't hope too much about the facility since its far away from bangkok :p Luckily, the guesthouse allow me to check in early, then I continue to sleep more.. haahaa...

third class train
Sun Flowerfield (Khao Chin Lae)
To got to sunflower field, there many choice, you can ride rent minivan/tuktuk/taxi from station for around 400baht or by public bus for 15baht from bus terminal. After googling how to go to bus terminal to catch the bus for sunflower field, I decide to walk to the bus terminal, around 2-3km from the guesthouse, you can hop on tuktuk/songthaew about 8/20baht *I'm not sure, so I choose walking. :p The bus terminal you can found in Google Maps using keyword "Lop Buri Provincial Transport Station", its located near the "Wong Wian SA Kaeo", just see the picture below.

Wong Wian SA Kaeo
Then ride green bus number 601, you can ask any people by showing the sunflower field picture, then they will tell you which the bus is.. Hahaha... *I did that or you can see the bus picture below :

in my country, this bus is called kopaja/metromini =))
The cost for this bus, is around 15baht, then tell the assistant driver Khao Chin Lae or by showing your sunflower field picture again, she will get it and will tell you where to drop off (T-Intersection), travel time is about 40 minutes. I dont even remember where is it, and I delete my mark at google maps so just trust the lady and the driver. You need to walk around 1km to get to the sunflower fields, don't go there at noon like me, you will feel there are 9 sun above you. hahahaha..

Khao Chin Lae
sunflower again...

Finally.. I can visit sunflower fields. This is because I do love sunflower, and france sunflower fields is far far away also I try to plant the flower but not successful due to I travel for 1 week and nobody is watering the flower >.<

And for the trip back to the lopburi, just cross the road where you drop off wait the bus in there, the bus will pass the other way from drop off way for return to the city.