Rubik’s Cube

Monday, March 2, 2009

3x3_cube.ashx Rubik’s cube is one of puzzle games. I have played this games when I’m still on school. By borrowing the rubik’s of my sister’s friends. I have ever finished the task, but now I can’t finished it. Need upgrade the processor I think. Hahahahaha….

Today, I get rubik’s from Imam. My friend on my working place. He has back from Korea last saturday. I have asked him to buy rubik’s on Korea, because I have searched on ervery Toy’s Shop in here and I didn’t find it. Do you know where Imam found this rubik’s? He found at the small shop inside the SEC. In here the shop maybe same with “Koperasi”. Hahahaha… so funny you know, I have searched at every Toy’s shop in here but he found this at small shop inside of company. Eventough not the original rubik’s but its okay, I still can enjoy the game.

Some of my friends in here likes this game too. We like this game because it can test our logic thinking. I like this kind of game since I was child. I am curious with how to finish of puzzle games. I really really likes this puzzle things, so hard to solve makes me more want to solve. kekekekekek…..

You can buy the original rubik’s at kaskus or offical web of rubik's.

For adding information I give you this link. He is using very fast rubik’s, ‘n boss said that you can buy it on Korea.

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